Immunizations are an excellent way to protect against many serious diseases. The American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Family Physicians and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend a series of immunizations to protect your children against 12 different diseases.

Contact your child’s doctor or call (541) 322-7400 to schedule an appointment at a Deschutes County Public Health Clinic. Many local pharmacies also provide immunizations for children and adults 11 years and older. 

School Requirements

The State of Oregon requires vaccines for school and child care attendance in order to protect children and prevent the spread of disease. For a list of required immunizations, see documents below. (Available in both English and Spanish)

For more information about Oregon school requirements for immunizations, visit:

For information on how to claim a non-medical exemption, visit:

Vaccine Safety

For more information about immunizations, including vaccine safety, please visit the following websites:

Adult Immunizations

The widespread implementation of childhood vaccination programs has substantially reduced the occurrence of many vaccine-preventable diseases. However, adults may be at risk of these diseases and their complications if they escaped natural infection or have not been vaccinated with toxoids or vaccines against diphtheria, measles, tetanus, pertussis, mumps, rubella, varicella (chicken pox) and poliomyelitis. In addition, other vaccine-preventable diseases (hepatitis B, hepatitis A, influenza, and pneumococcal disease) may pose a risk to people in certain age groups, with certain occupations, in particular environments, with specific lifestyles, and with special health problems. Women of childbearing age should be fully immunized to protect themselves and; in the case of pregnancy, their unborn child. Travelers to some countries may also be at increased risk of exposure to vaccine-preventable illnesses. Foreign students, immigrants, and refugees may be susceptible to these diseases.

Deschutes County Health Services provides some adult vaccinations. For more information, please call (541) 322-7400. For travel vaccinations, visit your local pharmacy or travel clinic.