Behavioral Health Advisory Board

The Behavioral Health Advisory Board is established by the Board of County Commissioners to advise the Commissioners and the Health Services Director on community needs and priorities for service in the areas of addictions, mental health, and intellectual and developmental disabilities, and to assist in planning and evaluating the service delivery system in Deschutes County.


The Behavioral Health Advisory Board shall address the needs of Deschutes County citizens in the areas of addictions, mental health, and intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Specifically, the Advisory Board shall advise the Board of County Commissioners, as the Local Mental Health Authority, and the Health Services Director:

  1. In identifying needs and priorities for mental health, addictions, and intellectual and developmental disabilities;
  2. In working with consumers and family members in the development, operation and evaluation of its services;
  3. Regarding the development of high-quality integrated services;
  4. Regarding promotion, advocacy, and enhancement of community awareness of and support for mental health, addiction, and intellectual and developmental disability issues and needs specific to Deschutes County;
  5. Regarding priorities that impact the Department's operating budget, financial plan and key grants.  Advise the Department, the Commissioners and the County Administrator regarding financial needs and priorities;
  6. On all applications for new alcohol and drug treatment programs in Deschutes County; and
  7. On Deschutes County service development planning.

Additionally, the Advisory Board shall:

  1. Participate in periodic program reviews and site visits by State agencies.
  2. Annually review the Department's Strategic Plan and determine the Advisory Board's focus based on the Strategic Plan.

The Advisory Board shall coordinate any advocacy work with the Board of County Commissioners.

If you have questions about the Behavioral Health Advisory Board, please contact Deschutes County Health Services Behavioral Health Deputy Director DeAnn Carr at (541) 322-7633 or send email to