Public Health Advisory Board

The Public Health Advisory Board is established to enhance community relations with Deschutes County Health Services to increase public knowledge about public health issues and assist in the betterment of services provided by the department. The Board also advises the Board of County Commissioners concerning matters of public health and the operation of the public health system in Deschutes County.


The Advisory Board’s responsibilities include providing advice, leadership and guidance in support of the Health Services Department’s mission.

The Board shall:
  1. Advocate for a strong public health system.
  2. Participate in ensuring that the Department operates in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  3. Work cooperatively with the Addictions & Mental Health Advisory Board and other Department advisory groups to promote service integration, Department benefit and accountability as well as operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Promote the services and educational opportunities provided by the Department within the community.
  5. Participate in developing and endorsing the priorities and services provided or sponsored by the Department.
  6. Participate in planning and reviewing the Department operating budget throughout the year as well as in endorsing the annual priorities.
  7. Participate in planning, measuring, and evaluating the Department’s progress in meeting its annual and long-term programmatic and financial goals.
  8. Assist and provide input to the Department regarding funding and grant decisions.
  9. Advocate for the resources necessary to assure the provision of essential public health functions.
  10. Participate in informing, educating and empowering people about health issues.
  11. Advocate for the monitoring of health status indicators that will help to identify and solve community health problems.
  12. Annually review the Department’s Strategic Plan and determine the Advisory Board’s focus, projects, priorities and progress based on the Strategic Plan.
  13. Advise the Board of County Commissioners and the County Administrator on the performance of the local public health system.

If you have questions about the Public Health Advisory Board, please contact Deschutes County Health Services Community Health Program Manager Tom Kuhn at (541) 322-7410 or send email to