The mission of code enforcement in Deschutes County is to protect the health and safety of the county's residents and visitors, and the livability of the community, by assuring compliance with the county's land use, environmental and construction codes. The county will assure code compliance both by encouraging voluntary compliance and by punishing code violators who do not comply.

The Community Development Department administers the Code Enforcement program for Buildings, Environmental Soils, Land Use and Solid Waste.  The division consists of two code enforcement technicians and a law enforcement technician from the Sheriff’s department.

Deschutes County Code Enforcement operating principles focus on:

  • Citizen complaints
  • Voluntary compliance emphasis
  • Consistency
  • Flexible in timing, not in code

When a code violation is identified every effort is made to work with the property owner to resolve the issue.  If all efforts are exhausted it's necessary to start the enforcement process which proceeds as follows until issue is resolved:

  • Sheriff's Office sends or delivers a warning - if the issue is not resolved in the specified time
  • Sheriff's Office issues a Citation (s) - if the issue still continues
  • Injunction
    • Contempt of Court
    • Daily Fines for Non-Compliance
    • Property Lien
    • Foreclosure