Dog Licensing in Deschutes County

Oregon Revised Statute 609.100 and Deschutes County Code 6.04.012 requires that every person owning or keeping any dog that has a set of permanent canine teeth or is six months old, whichever comes first, shall within thirty days after he becomes the owner or keeper of the dog, and yearly thereafter, procure from the County a license for the dog.

Dogs are issued a permanent tag which has the ID number and the phone numbers for both the Bend and Redmond animal shelters. Each shelter has a computer with up-to-date lists of tag numbers and owners' addresses and phone numbers. Licenses and ID tags may also be purchased at these shelters. Instead of buying a new tag each year, pet owners will keep the same tag and mail in an annual renewal fee.

Paper Dog License Application forms are available at Deschutes County Finance Department, Veterinary offices, as well as the Redmond and Central Oregon animal shelters.  Or you can optionally fill out the Application in your browser, print, then mail or drop off to us.  Application located in the links below.  Acrobat PDF viewer required.

No dog license fee shall be required to be paid for any dog owned by a blind or deaf person who uses the dog as a guide. A license shall be issued for such a dog upon filing with the County a signed statement by the blind or deaf person stating facts showing that the person is entitled to this exemption. Such licenses shall be renewed every year.

Rabies certificate must be valid for the same period of time as the license.

Any person owning or keeping an unlicensed dog will be subject to a fine.

Licensing Fees
  • $30 for unaltered animal (annual fee)
  • $16 for spayed or neutered animal (annual fee)
  • $4 for a replacement tag
  • $4 for a pet ID tag - not a license

Download, fill-out, and print a Deschutes County Dog License Application Form (located in the links below) which you can mail in with your payment.

Kennel Licenses

Dogs kept primarily in a kennel and not allowed to run at large, such as show dogs or dogs kept for breeding, are entitled to be licensed at the kennel fee rate. A person requesting licensing at the kennel rate shall establish by affidavit or signed statement:

  1. If the kennel is a commercial kennel, that the kennel complies with applicable land use laws and ordinances;
  2. That the person houses his or her dogs primarily in a kennel, as defined herein;
  3. That the person has four dogs or more;
  4. That the person has not been convicted of animal abuse under county or state law for failure to maintain minimum care standards; and
  5. That the person has not been convicted under county or state law for allowing his or her dogs to be at large during any period for which he or she has had a kennel license.

Kennel licenses shall be valid for a one-year period from the date of purchase.

The license fee for dogs that qualify for the kennel fee shall be $5.00 per dog for up to 10 dogs and $1.00 per dog for each additional dog over 10 dogs.

Related Agencies

City of Bend Animal Control (541) 693-6911
City of Redmond Animal Control (541) 693-6911
Deschutes County Animal Control (541) 693-6911