Voluntary LEDS Medical Database Instructions:

House Bill 3466 passed during the 2009 session and provides a way in which an individual with a qualifying illness or condition can voluntarily disclose medical and mental health information to Deschutes County Health Services. The information will be entered into the Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS) to help responding agencies assist persons with a qualifying illness or condition to obtain medical, mental health and social services when responding to a request for an emergency service. The information will be accessed only to provide necessary information to responding law enforcement officers and other emergency personnel to assist in an emergency situation. The intent of the legislation was to create a way for individuals to disclose information to the police about their conditions so that when police are faced with challenging situations they have a better understanding of the situation at hand.

Enrollment is voluntary, revocable and is NOT a precondition for receiving medical care or mental health treatment or for discharge from a facility or program. Enrollment is good for three years, unless revoked earlier.

In order to be eligible for voluntary enrollment an individual must:

  • Have a qualifying illness or condition; and
  • Give express written consent. (Completing and signing the enrollment form gives this express written consent.) This express written consent may be provided by:
  1. The individual;
  2. A person authorized to make medical decisions for the individual.  If the individual is subject to a guardianship, an advanced directive for health care, a declaration for mental health treatment or a power of attorney that authorizes the person to make medical decisions for the individual; or
  3. A parent of the individual, if the individual is under 14 years of age.

NOTE:  If you are a person authorized to make medical decisions for the individual, attach proof to the consent form.

Qualifying Conditions:

  1. Dementia-The progressive deterioration of intellectual functioning and other cognitive skills, including but not limited to aphasia, apraxia, memory, agnosia and executive functioning, that leads to a significant impairment in social or occupational function and that represents a significant decline from a previous level of functioning.
  2. A developmental disability
  3. A DSM Axis I diagnosis (mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance disorders, psychotic disorders, impulse control disorders)
  4. A physical or behavioral disorder that causes disorientation or otherwise may impede an individual’s ability to interact effectively with a law enforcement officer.

The enrollment form must be witnessed by at least two adults, and at least one witness shall be a person who is NOT:

  1. A relative of the individual by blood, marriage or adoption; or,
  2. An owner, operator or employee of a health care facility in which the individual is a patient or a resident.

Examples of who may be a witness:

  • ONE family member
  • Friend
  • Member of the clergy
  • Neighbor
  • AA sponsor
  • Teacher

The individual’s primary care physician or mental health services provider or any relative of the physician or provider CANNOT be a witness. Any employee of Deschutes County Health Services CANNOT be a witness.

See link to the consent form under "Supporting Documents" on this page. Please complete the form, be sure to attach proof of guardianship or other authorization if applicable, and take the completed form to Deschutes County Health Services, 2577 NE Courtney Drive, Bend. If you have any questions about the form or process, please contact Kayla Sells at Deschutes County Health Services, (541) 322-7607.