Outpatient treatment services are available adolescents and adults who are residents of Deschutes County. Services consist of intake evaluation; and individual, group and family counseling.

Program Philosophy:

  • Addiction to alcohol or other drugs is shown by a person's not being able to control use in spite of harmful consequences.
  • Alcohol and other drug abuse effects all parts of a person's life.
  • Treatment that works must address all parts of the problem.
  • Recovery depends on the person's staying free from all mood changing drugs, unless taken for valid medical reasons.
  • Being clean and sober is only the first step. Ongoing evaluation occurs to ensure that the person's treatment needs are being met.
  • Alcohol and other drug dependence effects the whole family. Education and treatment are offered to all persons living with the person in treatment.
  • Self-help programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are used to aid the individual in forming a lifelong support system.

Program Requirements:
Having an evaluation does not always mean that an individual will be admitted to treatment. After the evaluation, individuals will be referred to the treatment that will best meet their needs.

Treatment Fees:
Fees for outpatient alcohol and other drug treatment are covered by the Oregon Health Plan. For those not covered by the Health Plan, fees will be based on a sliding fee scale which is based on the individual's income.