The Community Development Department has implemented a document management system that allows for easy web access to a wide range of Deschutes County planning, building safety, code enforcement, historic and other types of documents. With this system visitors can search for documents as well as view and print them.

To find a document, simply enter into the individual search boxes a Map / Taxlot number (Ex: "171232AD01400" - alphanumeric, no spaces), a File Number, or use the Description box and enter key words you would like to search on. To narrow your search results, you can enter information into a combination of the search boxes. After you enter your search criteria, you will be presented with a list of documents. By selecting a document from the list of search results, you will be able to view and/or print the document. County documents dating back to 1970 are available. In addition, new documents are being scanned and uploaded daily.

An additional option for viewing documents is to utilize the Deschutes County Property Information Application (Dial). The application allows you to search for documents that pertain to individual properties. The application offers additional search options including addresses, owner’s names, or tax account numbers. Once a property is found, select the Development - Documents menu selection and a list of documents related to the property will be presented.