Alternative Treatment Technologies are onsite wastewater treatment systems that are approved by DEQ and incorporate aerobic and other treatment processes in technologies or units that are not otherwise described in the Oregon  onsite rules.  In more simple terms, ATTs are usually produced by a company and distributed as a unit that provides wastewater treatment to the same or greater level than conventional systems like pressure distribution or sand filter systems.

The DEQ maintains a  list of approved technologies.  Deschutes County Environmental Health staff can issue construction-installation permits for these systems, similar to the permits issued for sand filter systems.  ATTs typically involve more treatment processes in a smaller space or package than conventional systems and so the DEQ requires that each installed system is covered by a maintenance contract with a certified maintenance service provider (DEQ list available here).  This contract must be submitted with the permit application materials and maintained for the life of the system.

Why is Proper Operation & Maintenance a Good Idea?

ATTs, like your car, are relatively complex machines that provide a basic function for your daily life.  These machines need regular tune-ups to make sure that they don't suddenly cause a major upset in your life