Five Most Common Causes of Foodborne Illness
  1. Holding foods at improper temperature
  2. Poor personal hygiene
  3. Contaminated equipment
  4. Inadequate cooking
  5. Food from unsafe sources
Important Cooking Temperatures
  • 165°F - Poultry (chicken, turkey, duck)
  • 155°F - Hamburger (All ground red meats)
  • 145°F - Whole muscle cuts of pork, beef, lamb and seafood
Keep Hot Foods Hot and Cold Foods Cold!
  • Hot Food = 135°F or above
  • Cold Food = 41°F or less
  • Keep Foods out of the Danger Zone =  41 - 140°F
Cool Foods Quicky
  • Put food in refrigerator immediately!
  • Do not cool food "on the counter" at room temperature
  • Foods must reach 41°F within 4 hours
Reheating Foods

Reheat all foods (leftovers) to 165°F in 1 hour

Sanitary Conditions
  • Sanitize utensils & cutting boards with bleach water (1 teaspoon bleach per 1 gallon water)
  • Wash your hands!

Food Safety Fact Sheets for Operators (Oregon Health Authority)