The Oregon WIC Farm Direct Nutrition Program provides WIC families with checks to purchase fresh, locally-grown fruits, vegetable and herbs provided by local farmers.

Oregon WIC has been distributing Farm Direct checks to WIC families for more than 10 years. This year, WIC received enough funding to offer Farm Direct checks to all eligible WIC participants. The additional funding was received because Oregon WIC has exceptionally high breastfeeding rates.

What can be purchased with Farm Direct Checks?

The checks can only be used for fresh locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs. Items that can not be purchased include hot foods, dried foods, jams, nuts, honey, eggs, cider, meat, cheese, seafood, baked goods, plants, or cut flowers. Checks can be used between June 1 and October 31 at farm stands and farmers’ markets throughout Oregon.

Where can the Farm Direct Checks be used?

To find a farm stand or farmers' market where you can spend your WIC Fruit & Veggie vouchers or Farm Direct checks, refer to Oregon Health Authority's searchable directory of Oregon farm stands and farmers’ markets (link below).

Farm Direct checks benefit local farmers and are important to our community as well as our health!