The Drinking Water Program administers and enforces drinking water quality standards for the 175 public water systems within Deschutes County. The program provides services to public water systems to reduce health risks and increase compliance with drinking water standards including required routine monitoring. The program focuses on water contamination prevention to assure safe drinking water for Deschutes County residents.

Public water systems serving 3,300 people or less are regulated by Deschutes County. Examples of these systems are small communities, subdivisions, workplaces, schools, restaurants and campgrounds. Private or shared wells supplying three or less homes do not fall under Drinking Water Program rules.

Oregon Drinking Water Program Mission

Assure Oregonians safe drinking water by reducing the risk of waterborne disease and exposure to chemical contaminants in drinking water. Carry out that mission by implementing and enforcing USEPA drinking water quality standards at public water systems statewide, and providing related water system regulatory assistance.

Program Goals
  • Prevent or minimize contamination of public drinking water
  • Ensure water system personnel have the knowledge, skill and abilities to produce and deliver safe drinking water
  • Ensure physical facilities are adequate to reliably produce safe drinking water
  • Ensure all water quality standards are implemented and met
  • Assist in the education of water users about safe drinking water
  • Meet EPA National Drinking Water Goals

Interesting facts and commonly asked questions about public water systems:

  • There are 2,758 public water systems in Oregon
  • More than 3 million Oregonians are served by public systems
  • 2,426 systems rely on groundwater alone
  • 87 percent of systems serve less than 500 people each400,000 people in Oregon are served by individual private wells
  • 95 percent of Oregonians receive water that meets all EPA standards (99 percent in Deschutes County)

Contact Information:

Jeff Freund, REHS
(541) 388-6563