Central Oregon Breastfeeding Coalition
Are you passionate about breastfeeding? Would you like to get involved in our local coalition activities?  We are seeking new coalition members such as mothers, lactation educators, and business owners who want to make a difference in our community!  Together, we can support our moms in reaching their individual breastfeeding goals!  We meet quarterly at various locations around the county.   If you are interested in learning more about our local coalition activities and meetings, please call the WIC office at (541) 322-7400.

Mission Statement of Central Oregon Breastfeeding Coalition:

To improve communication and coordination of breastfeeding support services to better educate, promote, and support breastfeeding to all women in Central Oregon.

WIC Pump Guidelines

WIC can provide pumps for qualified nursing moms at no charge.

Guidelines for Pump-in-Style Pumps:

  • Baby must be 28 days old or older.
  • If younger, mom can have manual pump or borrow a Lactina.
  • Mom must be working half-time or more, going to school half-time or more, or live a long distance from work/school if less than half-time.
  • Baby cannot be receiving formula from WIC at time pump is given (except a preemie getting Neosure).
  • Mom understands that WIC expects that she will not ask for formula for 4 months after receiving pump.

Deschutes County WIC recommends the the Links listed below if you wish to learn more about breastfeeding and breastfeeding support.  These websites include information about the laws that protect breastfeeding families as well as help for mothers who combine working outside the home and breastfeeding.