Method of Payment

Checks or money orders are payable to: Deschutes County Clerk. Checks or money orders will be returned unprocessed (along with requests and documents)  if an account name (payor) or address is missing.

Debit cards are accepted with an additional $1 processing fee. 

Where to Mail Documents for Recording or Requests for Copies

You may send it to one of the following addresses:

Mailing Address: Deschutes County Clerk, PO Box 6005, Bend, Oregon 97708
Physical Address: Deschutes County Clerk, ​1300 NW Wall Street, Suite 202, Bend, Oregon 97703

Fees for Recording Documents                     Fee Calculator

  • Deed Records: $53 for the first page, $5 for each additional page
  • Mortgage Records: $53 for the first page, $5 for each additional page
  • Lien Records: $37 for the first page, $5.00 for each additional page.  See specific lien records below for unique fees:
    • Any satisfaction of judgment: $5 for the first page, $5 for each additional page
    • Mining claims under ORS 517.210: $16 for the first page, $5 each additional page
    • Certified copy of a judgment or lien record abstract: $16 for the first page, $5 for each additional page
  • Cover Pages: Add $5.00 for a cover page that complies with first page requirements

Multiple Transactions

A document describing two or more transactions between the same parties and involving the same properties, recordable as separate documents, may be recorded when the document is labeled with the names of the transaction described therein (ORS 205.236). A fee of $5.00 shall be charged for recording each additional transaction. An example of a multiple transaction would be a Substitution of Trustee and a Deed of Reconveyance.

Multiple References

A document making reference to more than one assignment, release or satisfaction will be assessed $5.00 for each additional assignment, release or satisfaction.  

Non-conforming fee

A $20 non-conforming fee will be charged in addition to recording fees if the document does not meet first-page statutory requirements. Please refer to First Page Requirements.

Fees for recording Plats and Partitions

  • Plats
    • 20 lots or fewer - $98
    • 21 through 29 lots - $103
    • 30 through 49 lots - $108
    • 50 through 74 lots - $113
    • 75 through 100 lots - $118
    • Over 100 Lots - $118 + $0.10 per lot over 100
  • Partition Plats - $73

Other Fees

  • Certified copies - $7.75 + $0.25/each additional page
  • Additional certified copies requested at the same time - $4.00 + $0.25/each additional page
  • Copies of Military Discharges - no charge to veterans seeking benefits
  • Regular Copies - $0.25 per page
  • Microfilm - $20 per roll
  • Copies of 24" x 18" maps - $1.75/per page
  • Research fee - $40/hour