Antique, Secondhand or Junk Dealer Licenses

The Deschutes County ordinance affects businesses engaged in the purchase, sale, trade, barter or exchange of antiques or secondhand or junk goods. The ordinance includes, but is not limited to, precious metals, jewelry, coins, firearms, appliances, hand and power tools, sporting goods, binoculars, cameras, watches, televisions, radios, recording devices, furniture, calculators, electronic devices, bicycles and similar items, for private gain, or who have in their possession any junk, including, but not limited to, old machinery, machinery parts, appliance parts, metal, glass, lumber, wood and discarded material acquired for the purpose of resale.

Antique, Secondhand or Junk Dealer Licenses are valid for one year, expiring June 30 of each year.


The provisions of DCC 5.08 shall not apply to:

  • Any bona fide secondhand automobile establishment used exclusively for the sale of used automobiles;
  • An automobile wrecking yard;
  • A bona fide recycling center;
  • Any charitable, religious or nonprofit organization;
  • Any person holding two or fewer yard, garage, moving or similar sales annually; provided, that such person does not offer for sale goods acquired for the purpose of resale; and
  • Any person offering antique, secondhand or junk goods for sale at a flea market or similar organized sales event two or fewer times annually ; however, any exempt person or entity which engages in a regulated activity by contract with another shall comply with the provisions of DCC 5.08.

Application Process
  • Obtain application from Sheriff’s Office, Clerk’s Office or download new business license application.
  • Completed application is submitted to the Sheriff’s Office for approval.
  • The applicant takes the application to the Community Development Department, to obtain information on:
    • The verification of zoning. Is the use allowed on the property?
    • Sewage Disposal - How is sewage treated and is the system adequate for this use?
    • Building Safety - Is the building up to code or did the use pre-date the code?
    • If any of the above departments find there are situations that need attention, the problems must be resolved to receive final approval before the application and fee will be taken. If there are no problems, the Business License Application can be approved.
  • When complete, the applicant takes the application to the Clerk’s office and pays the $50 fee.  

Renewal Process
  • Obtain renewal application from the Clerk’s Office or download renewal application.
  • Complete the application and mail it to the Clerk's Office together with a $25.00 renewal fee.
  • The Clerk will review and issue a Business License certificate which is mailed to the business owner.

Other Information Sources
  • Assumed Business Name Registration of Incorporation - Secretary of State - (503) 986-2200
  • City of Bend - (541) 388-5513
  • City of Redmond - (541) 923-7752
  • City of Sisters - (541) 549-6022
  • Oregon State Licenses, Permits, Occupation Certifications - (503) 986-2200
  • Employer's Compensation Packet - Oregon Department of Revenue - (503) 945-8617
  • Employer Identification Number - Internal Revenue Service - (800) 829-1040
  • Health/Environmental Regulations - Deschutes County Community Development - (541) 388-6575
  • State Department of Environmental Quality - State of Oregon - (800) 452-4011