When ordering copies through the mail, please use a Request for Copies Form below.

Copy charges are as follows:

  • Certification¬†charge - $3.75
  • Location (search) fee - $3.75
  • Per page - $0.25¬†
  • Research fee - $40.00/hour (minimum 1/2 hour)

Example: A one page regular copy of a document is $4.00
Example: A one page certified copy of a document is $7.75.

Most deeds are one page. Other documents, such as mortgages and trust deeds, have a greater number of pages. If you are not sure, you may send a check made payable to Deschutes County Clerk with a statement on the check "AMOUNT IS NOT TO EXCEED $ XX.00". We will fill in the correct amount and send the document to you with a receipt.