Deschutes County Treasury

The Treasury function is managed by the elected County Treasurer.  The Treasury function involves the acceptance and deposit of County funds from customers, citizens, and other government agencies that support County operations.  In addition, the Treasury function is responsible for the management of cash, all banking relationships and the investment of County funds.  Investments are governed by Oregon Revised Statutes and the County’s investment policy. 

The Board of County Commissioners and the Treasurer also rely upon the advice of the Deschutes County Investment Advisory Committee.  This committee was established by the Board in 1995 and four out of the five members are citizens in Deschutes County with backgrounds in money management. The Committee members receive monthly treasurer reports and meet twice each year to discuss and advise the Treasurer on the County’s investment portfolio and investment strategies.

Information on the County’s investment portfolio and performance can be found in the included documents below.