Deschutes County Budgets and Reports

The Finance Department is responsible for implementing and maintaining sound budgetary practices and effective internal control procedures. The division's activities, including daily cash receipting and bank reconciliations, weekly cash disbursements, monthly internal financial reporting, and payroll processing, are handled in accordance with such practices and procedures.

Deschutes County develops an annual budget so that the Board of County Commissioners can convert the County's long-term plans and policies into viable services and programs. The budget is used by the Board of County Commissioners and County staff for coordinating the use of revenues and expenditures to meet the needs of County citizens. The County's Finance Department prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report which is a detailed presentation of the County's financial position and activities for the fiscal year. Deschutes County coordinates with external auditors to perform the annual audit.

Deschutes County Transient Room Tax, assessed on qualifying room tax receipts for properties located outside the city limits of Bend, Redmond and Sisters, is administered and collected by the Finance Department. There are approximately 400 businesses and private rental entities required to submit monthly reports and remit transient room tax payments to the County. Efforts to promote compliance with the County Room Tax Ordinance include audits, education, public announcements and review communications.

The department provides a variety of financial analyses for the Board of County Commissioners, the County Administrator and other departments, and is involved in the preparation of financial documents related to issuance of long-term debt.