Deschutes County Surveyor's Office
Mission Statement

To provide leadership in the collection, coordination, and distribution of survey related information and to promote the highest standards of professional conduct in the practice of surveying.

Functions and Objectives

Survey Files and Reference Documents
  • Preserve and protect original surveys and record documents
  • Create and maintain digital archive of all originals
  • Improve access to land record information
  • Perpetuate and restore government land corners as regulated by the Oregon Revised Statutes
  • Participate in the Oregon Corner Restoration Record (OCRR) Program
Subdivision and Plat Checking
  • Review plats and subdivisions for accuracy and content according to guidelines established by the Oregon Revised Statutes and local ordinances
  • Employ computerized drafting techniques to assure consistency and precision to within fixed tolerances
  • Field checking of lot corner pin placement

Documents Available in the Surveyor's Office:

  • Records of Survey
  • Subdivision Plats
  • Partition Plats
  • Government Land Office Surveys
  • Copies of Cadastral Tax Maps