Risk Management is responsible for overseeing the insurance needs of the County and administers the County's self insurance program for workers' compensation, unemployment, general liability, and vehicle liability. Administration of insurance programs relative to property, building and contents, volunteers, public officials' bonds, and excess workers' compensation is also handled by this department.

The Department coordinates with Federal and State regulations concerning safety and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  ADA Link Information at bottom of page.

Program Area Contact Number Email
Workman's Compensation, ADA, Contracts  Ken Harms, Loss Prevention Specialist 541-617-4747 ken.harms@deschutes.org
Liability Claims, Vehicle Accidents, Property Damage, SkidCar Training Laurie Smith, Claims Coordinator​ 541-385-1749 laurie.smith@deschutes.org
Event Permits, Room Reservations, SkidCar Training  Senior Secretary 541-330-4631 risk@deschutes.org