Deschutes County 911 produces public safety maps for use by Emergency Service Providers. The maps are available in PDF format, which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader, and can be printed out on 8½ x 11 paper. There are two types of maps available; an Urban Series and a Rural Series.

The Urban Series Maps provide a detailed view of urban areas and display roads, water features, fire hydrants, and taxlots. All roads are labeled and an address grid is displayed. Urban Series maps are available for only densely developed areas. The Rural Series maps are available for all areas within Deschutes County. Roads and water features are displayed over a shaded relief, which gives a general impression of landscape. Only major roads are labeled. Fire District boundaries are also shown.

The Public Safety Maps are maintained by 911 on a continuous basis. Maps are updated whenever a new road is added to the County’s transportation system. Maps are also updated if a road name changes or in cases where 911 is notified of necessary map corrections.

Updated Public Safety Maps (PDF Files) are available through the application below. Use this search feature to find maps that have been modified since the entered date. Just select a month and year from the drop down menus and all maps that have been changed since the date entered will be shown. Once the list of modified maps appears, select a map that you are interested in from the list and save the PDF file.

An additional option for viewing Public Safety Maps is to utilize the Deschutes County Property Information Application (Dial). The application allows you to search for a property through several search options including address, owner’s name, taxlot number, or tax account number. Once a property is found, a link to the Public Safety Map is provided under the Transportation menu option.