Department Summary Contact
Adult Parole and Probation Community Justice

Responsible for the supervision of adult criminal offenders residing in Deschutes County.

(541) 385-3246 Phone
(541) 385-1804 Fax

Animal Control Sheriff's Office

Animal Control Information in Deschutes County

Phone: (541) 388-6655
Non-emergency After Hours:
(541) 693-6911
Adult Jail Phone: (541) 388-6661
Fire Info Line: (541) 550-4886

Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Health Services

Now is the time to think about basic needs you, your family, and your pets will need in advance of an emergency.

(541) 322-7400 Public Health Phone
(541) 322-7500 Behavioral Health Phone

Juvenile Community Programs Community Justice

Balanced consideration of community protection, offender accountability and competency development bring clarity and reason to juvenile justice issues.

(541) 388-6671 Phone
(541) 383-0165 Fax

Juvenile Detention Community Justice

The Juvenile Detention Facility operates based on a restorative justice philosophy, emphasizing repair of harm through a cooperative process.

(541) 388-6671 Phone
(541) 383-0165 Fax

Report a Public Health Concern Health Services

Report a Public Health Concern with our online application. 

(541) 322-7400 Public Health Phone
(541) 322-7500 Behavioral Health Phone

Restaurant Licensing/Inspection Scores Health Services

The Environmental Health Specialists' primary job is to minimize or eliminate potentially harmful situations in public places and to contain and stop the spread of diseases if and when they occur.

(541) 322-7400 Public Health Phone
(541) 322-7500 Behavioral Health Phone

Road & Bridge Maintenance Road

The roads in Deschutes County are maintained with funds from state motor vehicle revenue (gas tax, vehicle registration, and truck tax) and federal forest receipts from timber sales in the Deschutes National Forest.

(541) 388-6581 Phone
(541) 388-2719 Fax

Septic Systems/Inspections/Onsite Systems Community Development

The Onsite Program is designed to provide wastewater treatment and dispersal for homes that are not served by a community or centralized sewer system.

(541) 388-6575 Phone
(541) 385-1764 Fax Bend
(541) 923-3097 Fax Redmond

SkidCar Training Administration

Deschutes County's SkidCar Training Program is an all-weather driver enhancement course. Our mission is accountability behind the wheel: "100 percent vehicle control, 100 percent of the time".

(541) 385-1749 Phone
(541) 617-4748 Fax