Adult Parole & Probation Bend Oregon

Deschutes County Adult Parole and Probation has the responsibility for supervising adult criminal offenders sentenced to probation by the Court or released to parole or post-prison supervision from a correctional facility and who reside in Deschutes County. Our services are funded by the Oregon Department of Corrections, the Deschutes County General Fund, and offender fees.

Mission Statement

To protect the public, repair harm, hold offenders accountable and facilitate pro-social thinking

About Us

Twenty two parole and probation officers supervise over 1500 offenders who have been convicted of crimes ranging from Driving While Suspended to Murder. We contribute to public safety and, therefore, impact the community, victims and offenders, by holding offenders accountable for their behavior and working with them to make positive changes in their lives. We provide an opportunity for offenders to change thinking, attitudes and behaviors that were factors in their criminal activity. Accountability steps include:

  • face-to-face contact with offenders, their families and significant others in the office, homes and workplaces
  • substance abuse testing
  • referral to appropriate treatment programs and ongoing contact with treatment providers
  • connecting with the court system to determine payment of court fees and victim restitution

Through community partnerships offenders have access to additional services such as educational videos, and cognitive and life skills classes. These services are all aimed at enhancing offender job search options and emphasizing non-criminal thinking and decision-making skills.

Adult Parole & Probation is committed to promoting public safety by holding offenders accountable for their actions and by providing alternatives to criminal attitudes, beliefs and behavior.