The Substance Abuse Prevention Program seeks to reduce and prevent substance use and abuse as well as related risk behaviors such as suicide, bullying and problem gambling. Focused primarily on school aged youth and young adults (18-25 year olds), the program seeks to address the environments with which this population lives, works, studies and plays. Substance Abuse Prevention Program staff are certified as Prevention Specialists and apply the Strategic Prevention Framework to ensure that programs and strategies produce results.

Core Staff Work Areas

1.  Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) Technical Assistance
2.  Coalition Support
3.  School Health Initiative Support

Additional Resources

  • See the 2012 Deschutes County Student Data summary in the Supporting Documents listed at the bottom of this page.

Coalitions in Deschutes County

Bend Area Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition
The Bend Area Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition invites you to join us.  Our vision for the Bend Area is drug free youth achieving excellence. Our mission is to foster excellence among our Bend Area youth by reducing substance abuse through community education, mobilization and policy.
Based on data from the Oregon Student Wellness Survey and the Oregon Healthy Teens Survey marijuana, alcohol, and non-medical prescription drug use have been identified as substances of particular concern for BASAPC. BASAPC is driven by an executive board of volunteers representing many sectors of the community including: parents, school, media, business, law enforcement, health care, government, and the faith community. If you are interested in learning more about BASAPC, attending our meetings, or for volunteer opportunities please contact Nick Stevenson, 541-322-7534 or

Additional resources are linked below with all documents and forms listed in the Supporting Documents at the bottom of this page.