Seniors are at a high risk for a variety of mental health problems and needs. The purpose of Seniors Treatment Services is to further expand the availability and accessibility of mental health services to help them meet these needs. The goal of this program is to maximize the ability of seniors and their support systems to lower barriers to treatment and have information available to them that would enhance their decision making process. These services focus on those individuals who are residing in out-of-home placements and who, because of mental or emotional disorders, are at risk of psychiatric hospitalization.

The primary components of this program:

  1. Assessment and evaluation (including short-term treatment)
  2. Mental health treatment
  3. PASRR (Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review) evaluation

Services Provided:

  • Case management
  • Psychiatric/mental health evaluations and assessments
  • Individual and family counseling and education
  • Services coordination and linkage to other related agencies and community resources
  • Consultation and coordination with residential providers
  • Training services to other providers of services to seniors
  • Liaison to State inpatient facilities serving geropsychiatric individuals
  • PASRR evaluations, consultations, and referral to relevant Health Services teams and programs
  • Advocacy services

The mental health needs of seniors are often quite vague and different from the needs of younger populations; and their mental health problems are often complicated by increasing difficulties with physical health and loss of mental acuity. The Seniors Treatment Services addresses these concerns and differences and, therefore, has a service delivery system that is able to utilize all the other agency components, as well as individualized services that enhance a person's care and/or independence in the community.