Permanent Food Establishment / Restaurant Plan Review

If you intend to open or remodel a restaurant, you must complete the following application process:

Step 1

Read the Restaurant Plan Review Packet and follow the step-by-step instructions. If you are unable to open this file from the web, you may pick up or request a copy from the Deschutes County Health Services Environmental Health Division, located at 2577 NE Courtney Drive., Bend OR 97701, phone (541) 322-7400.
Perform a self-diagnosis on your plans to see if all information is accounted for and clearly presented. Gather any missing information or ‘cut sheets’ and correct any problems.
When you are ready to submit your plans for Public Health Plan Review you will need to call the Deschutes County Health Services Environmental Health Division at (541) 383-6717 to schedule a pre-application meeting with Garth Cook. This meeting only determines if all the required information is included with your application. The plans will not be fully reviewed at this meeting, only a general review will be done to verify completeness. The following is a checklist of minimum application requirements:

  • Menu
  • Two complete sets of floor plans
  • Equipment location schedule
  • Plumbing schematic or annotation for indirect waste connections
  • Cut sheets for all equipment requiring commercial rating
  • Storage locations designated: Foods and food service equipment, toxins and cleaning items, personal items (i.e. coats, purses…)
  • Examples of all surface finishes and colors (for example: Formica counters, vinyl floor coverings, stainless steel wall paneling behind stoves, paint colors.)
  • Garbage storage facilities described or noted
  • Source of portable water supply (for example: City of Bend, private well.)
  • Description of waste water disposal method (for example: City of Bend sewer or drainfield), and attached letter of approval for restaurant hookup
  • Hand washing sinks conveniently located to ALL food preparation areas, dishwashing areas, and wait stations with required pump soap and paper towels
  • A statement that the planning agency in authority has given approval for siting your restaurant at your proposed location
  • A completed Food Service Plan Review Application Form for Environmental Health Division (don't forget to include all contact phone numbers)
  • Plan review fee paid

If the application and plans appear to be complete and correct at the time of this meeting, you will be allowed to submit them. Usually, plans are reviewed and the Environmental Health approval letter is ready for pickup within 14 days. If the application and the plans are not complete or correct, we will try to contact you within 14 days to notify you of the required corrections. No definitive turn around time will be given on incorrect or incomplete plans.

Step 2

If the restaurant is to be served by a private well, have the well water tested and then approved by the Oregon State Health Division or the Deschutes County Drinking Water Program.

If the restaurant is to be served by an onsite wastewater treatment system (formerly called a septic system), permission must be obtained from either the Oregon DEQ or Deschutes County Environmental Soils.

Contact the local City or County Building Department to obtain required (building, plumbing, electrical, etc.) permits.

Contact the local City or County Building Department to obtain any required business license.

Contact the Fire Marshall or City/ County Building Safety Division to submit hood plans and fire control plans.

Step 3

During construction you may schedule a walk-through inspection with a Sanitarian. This may be useful in spotting potential problems that may be easily fixed during construction.

Prior to opening, please fill out the Restaurant/B&B License Application and pay for the annual operating license. Operating licenses are valid for one calendar year and expire every year on December 31. You will receive a renewal notice each December.

One to two weeks prior to opening, arrange an opening inspection with Environmental Health Specialist Garth Cook. The opening inspection should be performed one day before opening and should be conducted when all equipment is installed and running properly, food products are stocked and prepared, and key staff and management are on site to discuss/review any noted problems. The Environmental Health Division's opening inspection is to be carried out after all other inspections (building, electric, plumbing) have been approved and finalized. It is your responsibility to make sure all inspections are complete.

NOTE: This opening inspection will determine if the facility meets the State Food Code and is ready to be opened. If the facility does not pass this opening inspection, a second inspection can be scheduled after corrections have been made.

Within 45 days of the opening an unannounced full inspection will be carried out. This is a graded complete inspection. After the complete inspection if the restaurant scores above a 70 percent, the door will be marked with a Health Division "Notice of Compliance."

All employees must obtain food handler cards. All new hires are to complete and pass the test for food handler certification within 30 days of being hired.