Elizabeth Renteria-Holden, LCSW - Supervisor
Shannon Brister, BA, QMHA - Program Development Specialist

intensiveyouthservices@deschutes.org  (541) 213-6851

The Child and Family Team offers intensive, community-based support for eligible youth and families on the Oregon Health Plan. The team uses a wrap-around model that brings together people from different parts of a youth’s life for planning and support. With the help of a facilitator, these people work together and coordinate their activities in order to assist the youth.

The Wrap-Around Team can work on one or more of the "Life Domains", which include:

  • Family/Home
  • Educational/Vocational
  • Medical/Health
  • Emotional/Psychological/Behavioral
  • Financial
  • Social/Recreational
  • Legal
  • Spiritual/Cultural
  • Safety/Crisis

Who is Eligible?

Children and youth whose mental health needs have not been met through usual services, and their families.

Eligibility Screening Includes:

  • Signed consent from parent or guardian before the screening
  • Interviews with people who are very familiar with the child’s situation
  • Review of a recent mental health assessment report
  • Completion of the CASII*, a survey to help pinpoint mental health needs
  • Assessment of other risk factors. These include risk of out-of-home placement, family stress, and school disruption.

How Does the Program Work?

The principles of the wrap-around model are that services are strengths-based, family-driven and decisions are made by team consensus. The wrap-around process is an open model, with treatment planning meetings that involve all members of the team, including the client and family, with an equal voice to all participants. Team members:

  • Support the family in getting the help they need to succeed as parents once the formal team is no longer needed,
  • Are made up of people chosen by the family,
  • Work within family strengths,
  • Find effective solutions that fit the family and child.

Why Might The Wrap-Around Team Work For Your Family?

  • Community Based – Services are based in your home community whenever possible.
  • Individualized – The plan considers all aspects of your lives and is flexible to meet the family’s needs.
  • Strength Based – Services and supports are based on identified strengths of the child and his/her family.
  • Family Voice – It is the family’s choices, preferences, cultural values that are incorporated in the Plan of Care.
  • Family Access – Meetings are held in the child's home when possible.
  • Family Ownership – County staff try to blend formal and informal resources and the family decides on what needs to be worked on first.

To discuss eligibility and find out more about the program, families can call (541) 322-7545.