Community Support Services (CSS) is an outreach based team serving the seriously mentally ill adult population. Services include supported housing, supported employment, homeless outreach, intensive case management, outreach, psychiatric and nurse medication management, therapy, skills training, case management, daily structure and support, Rainbow Clubhouse, dual diagnosis treatment, consumer-run programs, and a variety of therapy groups including Dialectical Behavioral therapy. CSS follows an evidence-based practice model which promotes empowering our consumers to realize their full potential and to recognize that recovery is possible for everyone.

Who is Eligible?

To receive services from CSS a person must:

  • Meet eligibility requirements for enrollment as a consumer of Deschutes County Health Services,
  • Have a serious mental illness and,
  • Be willing to receive and participate in services.
What kind of services are available to consumers of CSS?

Supported Housing
Case managers work closely with consumers to help them find housing in the least restrictive setting or to maintain current housing. CSS also offers a variety of supported housing programs for those who meet eligibility.

  • Adult Foster Homes serve adults who are making the transition back into the community from various institutions. There are strict guidelines for qualifications and eligibility.
  • Emma’s Place is an 11-unit apartment complex providing long-term housing for adults with serious mental illness. Emma’s Place is a drug and alcohol-free complex. Residents must be receiving services from Deschutes County Health Services and be referred to the program by their therapist.
  • Horizon House is a 14-unit apartment complex providing transitional housing for adults with serious mental illness who are difficult to house and who would benefit from intensive case management, groups, and training to learn the skills necessary to be successful in independent living. Horizon House is a drug and alcohol-free complex. Residents must be receiving services from Deschutes County Health Services and be referred to the program by their therapist.

Supported Employment
Supported Employment provides training and support for people who want to work and who qualify for CSS services. Supported Employment is based on the following principles:

  • Eligibility is based on participant choice
  • Competitive employment is the goal
  • Employment search starts soon after a participant expresses interest in working
  • Personalized benefits planning is provided
  • Participant preferences are important
  • Supported Employment is integrated with treatment

Supported Employment specialists work with various agencies to identify and create partnerships that will assist in employing clients through the program. Please note that this is not a job bank but rather an opportunity for competitive employment. Supported Employment is part of an evidence-based practice by the Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence.

Homeless Outreach
Through a federally funded grant, CSS has a part-time case manager who works with adults with serious mental illness who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. This case manager works in partnership with local homeless shelters and non-profit agencies committed to working with the homeless population. The goal is to develop relationships with this population built on trust and honest communication with the goal of enrolling them in services for a more comprehensive treatment approach and/or to keep them in services.

Assertive Community Treatment
This team serves those who are most at risk of hospitalization or who have just been released from the state hospital by providing support and case management to help individuals maintain their independence while working on becoming stable.

Rainbow Clubhouse
The Clubhouse is located within the CSS program, although participation in Clubhouse is voluntary. Members make the day-to-day decisions about the activities of the Clubhouse, and one staff person is available to members for advisement. Members are invited to participate in a variety of voluntary work units and activities aimed at making sure that the business of the Clubhouse is accomplished.  In order to participate in the Clubhouse, prospective members must be receiving services from Deschutes County Health Services and must be referred to the program by their clinician. Clubhouse members will interview those who are referred and will decide as a group when to accept a new member. Clubhouse is currently open Monday through Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Please call Rainbow Clubhouse directly at (541) 330-4662 for more information.

Outreach, Skills Training, Case Management, Daily Structure and Support
CSS is comprised mainly of case managers who perform a variety of tasks aimed at working with individuals to realize their full potential while learning the skills and getting the support they need to maintain their stability.  This can include outreach to consumers' homes, providing training to increase individual skills in finding or maintaining housing, employment, interpersonal relationships and managing illness.  Case management services are available to help individuals get connected to all services and resources they may be interested in and eligible for including health insurance, Social Security, food stamps, rental assistance, and utility assistance.