Many people, once their onsite wastewater treatment and dispersal system (onsite system) is installed, tend to forget that the system even exists ...until they start having problems. Today, onsite systems are a permanent wastewater treatment and dispersal solution in rural areas because of the high cost of building and maintaining centralized sewer systems. Additionally, many small lots in rural subdivisions in Deschutes County have limited room for repairing or replacing failing onsite systems. These factors make correct operation and timely maintenance of existing onsite systems important for the public, environmental and financial  health of the region.

 There are many simple actions homeowners can take to make sure their onsite system keeps functioning properly. The links listed to the right provide basic operation and maintenance information.

Who should I call for more help with my system?

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) certifies service providers for conventional onsite systems. The list of certified service providers is available on the DEQ web site. In addition, if your property is served by an  Alternative Treatment Technology (ATT) or a recirculating gravel filter (RGF), you must maintain a contract with a certified service provider for the life of the system. In the case where an ATT is used, the service provider must be certified by the manufacturer of the ATT in addition to having the basic DEQ certification.