Deschutes County law and Deschutes National Forest orders restrict the use of firearms along segments of the Deschutes River and within many subdivisions within Deschutes County.  Firing any kind of firearm is prohibited in no shooting areas except by a peace officer acting in the line of duty or by a person acting to defend life or property.  Hunters may not shoot firearms while hunting within no shooting areas.

No shooting areas include the bed and banks of the Deschutes River, islands and lands within 150 yards of the ordinary high water mark of the river, and also includes many additional No Shooting Area Districts (See maps below).  No shooting areas are often posted with signs on both sides of the river.  However, shooters are responsible for determining whether or not they are within a restricted area before they shoot.  Violation of no a shooting restriction is a Class A Violation, punishable by a fine up to $600.

Please contact the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department for firearms restrictions within State Park boundaries.

Deschutes County Code defines restrictions for the discharge of a firearm within Deschutes County. It also describes the process to form a restricted shooting area (no shooting district). For further information regarding restricted shooting areas please view chapter 9.08 of the county code using the link below:  Discharge of Firearms - Deschutes County Code Chapter 9.08.

For legal or enforcement issues regarding No Shooting Districts contact:

Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
63333 West Hwy 20
Bend, OR 97701

Phone:  (541) 388-6655 (Monday-Friday 8-5pm)
Phone:  (541) 693-6911 (Non-Emergency after hours)