In May 2013, the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) selected Deschutes County for two brownfields assessment grants totaling $400,000.00. After finalizing a cooperative agreement with U.S. EPA, the Community Development Department (CDD) released a Request for Proposals, seeking a qualified consulting firm to assist in implementation. CDD received thirteen proposals. A review committee selected APEX Companies, LLC, and a contract was signed in November 2013


The Planning Division is in the final year of administering a 3-year $400,000 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Community-Wide Brownfield Assessment Grant. The grant ends in September 2015. 

Area Wide Planning

The Brownfield grant dedicated $90,000 for Area Wide Planning (AWP) for the City of Redmond, which included an additional city match of approximately $45,000. The Mid-Town area of Redmond’s downtown was the beneficiary of research, technical assistance and training to revitalize key brownfield sites. The timing and readiness to utilize AWP funding offered extraordinary advantages. It dovetailed with their existing efforts to revitalize the area, including an urban renewal district, market analysis, and recently completed housing study. The AWP was completed in January 2016.

Environmental Site Assessments

Deschutes County is utilizing $264,000 of the federal grant to stimulate the cleanup and re-use of properties that are, or may be, affected by hazardous substances, including petroleum hydrocarbons.  To help property owners navigate these processes and access resources, the grant offers resources to eligible property owners throughout the county for Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). Phase I ESAs involve a review of records, site inspections, and interviews with owners, occupants, neighbors and local government officials. Phase II ESAs include sampling and laboratory analysis to confirm the presence of hazardous materials. With the assistance of a Brownfield Advisory Committee, Deschutes County completed five Phase I and three Phase II ESAs. A fourth Phase II ESA is currently being performed for the Bend Park and Recreation District to examine Mirror Pond sedimentation.