Created in 1991 as a result of a Central Oregon Irrigation District (COID) Hydroelectric Project (FERC License Application No. 3571) and Conditional Use Permit 87-2, the Deschutes River Mitigation and Enhancement Program helps achieve Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) habitat and management goals and objectives within the Upper Deschutes River subbasin, consistent with the COID/ODFW agreement. A condition of both the FERC license and conditional use permit is that COID will provide ODFW with funds to develop and implement a fish and wildlife habitat mitigation and enhancement program for the Upper Deschutes River Basin. All mitigation and enhancement grant proposals plans are subject to review by the Deschutes River Mitigation and Enhancement Committee.

Mitigation and Enhancement Committee

The Deschutes River Mitigation & Enhancement Committee has seven voting members appointed to three year terms by the Deschutes County Board of County Commissioners.

Voting members:
    Ryan Houston, Conservation Organization
    Patrick Griffiths, Member at Large
    Amy Stuart, Fisheries Expertise
    Derek Staab, Fisheries Expertise
    William Seitz, Fisheries Expertise
    Craig Horrell, Central Oregon Irrigation District
    Kate Fitzpatrick, Member at Large

Non-voting members:
    Jeremy Giffin, Oregon Water Resources Department
    Matthew Martin, Deschutes County
    Tom Walker, US Forest Service
    Joshua Peed, Central Oregon Irrigation District

ODFW Staff / Contact:
    Nancy Doran
    Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
    Deschutes River Mitigation and Enhancement Coordinator
    61374 Parrell Road
    Bend, Oregon 97702
    Phone:  (541) 633.1112
    Fax  (541) 388.6049