The Community Development Department recently analyzed the County's agricultural lands program to determine if changes are needed.  This analysis included community outreach with six public meetings held throughout the County during the month of May 2014.  These meetings provided the opportunity for residents and community members to review existing conditions, understand emerging issues, and provide feedback about the opportunities and challenges facing Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) designated lands.  In addition, several stakeholder meetings were held at the request of those organizations to discussion their perspectives.  The results of the outreach and analysis are provided in the "Agricultural Lands Program Community Involvement Results" report.  The Planning Commission held joint work session with the BOCC in June and September 2014 to discuss the results.  

Staff received direction from the BOCC on November 24, 2014 to explore HB 2229, also known as the Big Look Bill, as it relates to correcting mapping errors of farm and forest lands.  Three developments have occurred over the last several months that complicate implementing HB 2229: a January 8, 2015 Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) letter, a conversation with former Community Development Director John Anderson (1978-85), and recent remarks by Jim Rue, DLCD Director during a meeting in Bend on April 17 with City and County officials. On May 6, the BOCC issued a letter to Director Rue respectfully requesting rulemaking for HB 2229.