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What Can You Recycle and Where?

Commingled Materials

These items are FREE to recycle and can be mixed together in your commingle bin or dropped off at any disposal site.

Aluminum/Tin: Clean cans, jar lids and foil. No need to flatten. No dirty or rusty cans, paint or aerosol cans.
Magazines, Catalogs, Newspaper and: Anything that comes in the newspaper can be recycled.
Mixed Paper: Junk mail, paper, envelopes, white and colored paper, computer paper, wrapping paper (no foil or ribbon), shredded paper (strips only, no cross cut or confetti).
Paper bags
Cereal, cracker, shoe boxes, soda and beer cartons, paper egg cartons, paper towel tubes.
Plastic Bottles/Tubs: 6 oz or larger (i.e. yogurt containers, butter tubs, sour cream, cottage cheese containers). Nursery plant pots 4" or larger, plastic buckets 5 gallons or less, milk jugs-not flattened.

Other Recyclable Items

These items are FREE to recycle and are accepted at all disposal sites.

Auto Batteries: No cracked or leaking batteries.
BBQ's:  Tanks recycled separately.  (NOT accepted at Alfalfa Transfer Station)
Corrugated Cardboard: Flatten. No slick or wax-coated.
Electronics: Monitors, CPUs and TVs.
Glass Bottles and Jars: Clean, remove lids. No ceramics, Pyrex, mirrors, baking dishes, or window glass.
Hazardous Waste: Call the Solid Waste office for drop off dates. Businesses must pre-register with the hazardous waste contractor.  Refer to Hazardous Waste Recycling page for details
Lawnmowers:  All fluids must be removed.  (NOT accepted at Alfalfa Transfer Station)
Motor Oil: Put into a non-breakable container with a tight-fitting lid. No antifreeze, gasoline, or solvents.
Propane Tanks
Scrap Metal: 
Almost all metal items. (NOT accepted at Alfalfa Transfer Station)

Recycled for a Fee 

For fee information for Knott Recycling center call Deschutes Recycling at (541) 388-1910.
For fee information for all other Deschutes County Transfer Stations refer to Rates and Fees.

Antifreeze: Accepted at Knott Recycling Center. Accepted at the Hazardous Waste Facility for no fee
Appliances: Accepted at Knott Recycling Center, Negus, Northwest and Southwest Transfer Stations
Computer parts and components: Refer to Electronic Waste Recycling page
Microwaves: Accepted at Knott Recycling Center (included in garbage load at all other sites)
Sod:  Accepted at Knott Recycling Center for recycling. 
Stumps:  Accepted at Knott Recycling, Negus, Northwest and Southwest Transfer Stations
Tires: Accepted at all sites
Wood waste: Accepted at Knott Recycling Center and Negus Transfer Station
Yard debris: Accepted at Knott Recycling Center, Negus, Northwest & Southwest Transfer Stations

Deschutes County Knott Landfill Recycling & Transfer Facility rates and fees: http://www.deschutes.org/Solid-Waste/Rates-and-Fees-TOC/Hours-and-Fees.aspx

Items that Cannot Be Recycled

Plastic bags
Bottle and tub lids
Clamshell and bakery containers
Biodegradable plastics
Frozen food boxes
Paper cups, plates, towels and napkins
Pet food bags
Paper ream wrappers
Tissue paper
Waxed paper
Candy wrappers or snack food bags

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