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Recycling is widely recognized and we support it!  We dedicate about 2.5% of our annual budget to recycling education. Between the years 1992 and 2009, we estimate we have spent around $1,800,000 on recycling education and promotion. Because of this financial commitment:

                 In the year 1992 there were 12,858 Tons diverted which is a 15% diversion rate  
                 In the year 2009 there were 75,365 Tons diverted which is a 45% diversion rate 
                               (diverted = Recycled or Reused.  Not put into the landfill)

Total tons diverted over the 18 year span = 723,981.  This is the equivalent of 6.3 years of landfill life at our current disposal rate.  We encourage you to recycle.  See below for recyclable items and locations where you can recycle in Deschutes County.

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