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Noxious Weed Control

The Problem

The problem of noxious, non-native weeds proliferating in Central Oregon is severe. Noxious weeds overrun native vegetation, destroy natural animal habitat, shelter undesirable insects, steal scarce water, infest crops and cost local communities in terms of visual blight, a reduction of property values and lost agricultural dollars.  Some noxious weeds are poisonous to humans, livestock and wildlife.  Seeds from noxious weeds are spread by foot and vehicular traffic along our roadways and through our public lands.  Many property owners unknowingly have these non-native, noxious weeds growing in their yards and fields, which aggravates the situation.

April 2014 vegetation management update

Download Brochure: Noxious Weeds Brochure (Note - When viewed online the top half of the first page will appear upside down.  The brochure is 2 pages and is designed to be printed on both sides of 11" x 17" paper, folded in half and then folded in thirds.) 

Noxious Weeds List: http://webroad.deschutes.org/noxiousweeds/default.aspx
Updated 2014 weed list: Deschutes County Weed List Updated 2014

Roadside Herbicide Spraying

The county has an active noxious weed eradication program. Herbicides are used to treat roadside vegetation along County roads. 

Agreement for Roadside Vegetation Control

If you would prefer that herbicides not be sprayed along your property road frontage you can submit a "Agreement For Vegetation Control on County Right of Way" form. Weed control in a "No Spray" area is the responsibility of the abutting land owner or resident.

Download Form: Agreement for Roadside Vegetation Control
Apply Online: http://webroad.deschutes.org/NoSprayPermit/default.aspx

Financial Assistance for Noxious Weeds Control

Deschutes County offers financial assistance to private land owners who wish to control noxious weeds on their property. For more information contact Ed Keith, at (541) 322-7117 or Ed.Keith@deschutes.org.

Download Form: Noxious Weed Financial Assistance Agreement

Let's Pull Together

The Lets Pull Together event is a tri-county noxious weed eradication event consisting of collaborative partnerships with neighborhood & homeowners associations, city and county government and boards, park, school and irrigation districts, utilities, private and public entities, businesses and our incredible volunteers all join together for good times and clean living.

More information: http://www.letspulltogether.com/

The Law

Oregon weed law gives governing agencies the authority for enforcement and compliance. County programs are the primary level of enforcement for noxious weed law.
On April 9, 2014 the Board of County Commissioners voted in favor of Ordinance 2014-002, Adding Chapter 8.35, weed control to County Ordinance.

View: County Ordinance 2014-002

The Oregon Revised Statutes pertaining to county noxious weed programs are ORS 569.350-495. ORS 569.990 states that a violation of a provision of ORS 569.360 to 569.495 is a Class A violation. Deschutes County Code, Chapter 1.16.10 states that a sentence to pay a fine for a Class A violation of a county ordinance shall be a sentence to pay an amount not exceeding the maximum fines in ORS 153.018.The current maximum fine for a Class A violation in ORS 153.018 is $2,000 for an individual

View Oregon Revised Statute, Chapter 569: Weed Control.


Weed Control District

The mission of the Deschutes County Weed Control District is:"Work cooperatively to promote and implement noxious weed control in Deschutes County; to contain existing weed populations and eradicate new invaders; to raise the value of the land economically and biologically; to improve the health of the community, promote stewardship, preserve natural resources and provide examples and leadership for other counties and states in effective vegetation management." For more information about the Weed Control District contact Ed Keith, at (541) 322-7117 or Ed.Keith@deschutes.org.

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