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Meet the Property Tax Fairy

Meet the Property Tax Fairy

Property Tax info for this fall

MEDIA CONTACT: Scot Langton, (541) 388-6513

If you own property in Deschutes County, you’re familiar with recent real estate market value “ups-and-downs” during the last few years. 

Deschutes County Assessor, Scot Langton, wants to prepare you for an interesting combination of Measure 50 consequences, market fluctuation and economic circumstance coming this fall. When property tax statements are mailed in October, some Deschutes County homeowners may be a little surprised when they look at their tax bill.

The County has come up with an easy way for you to review your own tax situation in a graphic way.  A new YouTube video called “Graph It!” has been produced to help you understand how Oregon’s voter approved Measure 50 impacts your property. Spread the word, and feel free to forward the link below to your friends and family who own property in Deschutes County. It’s important for everyone to be informed.

To view the “Graph It” YouTube video, or to graph your property, visit the Deschutes County Property Tax Values website at http://www.deschutes.org/GraphIt. Still have questions? To speak to staff at the Deschutes County Assessor’s Office, please call (541) 388-6508. #

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