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Divorce Mediation

Barrett Flesh, LPC - Program Manager
Dave Hakanson, MS - Divorce Mediator

What is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation service gives parents the opportunity to make their own decisions about the future of their children. Parents work with a qualified, professional mediator who will help them develop a Parenting Plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who May Use this Service?

Anyone who files a legal action in Deschutes County which requires the creation or modification of a Parenting Plan.

Does the Mediator Make Recommendations to the Court?

No. All sessions are confidential. The mediator cannot be required to testify in Court about what happens in mediation.

Can Property Issues or Child Support be Discussed?

If both parents agree to discuss financial issues, the mediator can help with that discussion. Creating the parenting plan however is the first priority.

How Much Does the Service Cost?

Divorce and marriage filing fees for Deschutes County cover the cost of providing three mediation sessions.

Do I Have to Take a Class?

You may be required to attend the Seminar for Divorcing Parents. Parents who have attended the seminar will be better prepared for mediation.

How does the Mediation Service operate?

When parents know there will be a disagreement about how they are going to share in raising the children they should:

  1. Ask their legal counsel to request mediation services or use the Request for Mediation form available on the Deschutes County Circuit Court website. 
  2. Call the mediation office at (541) 385-1719 to schedule a mediation appointment.
  3. Important! If you are concerned about your personal safety in a mediation setting let the mediator know prior to scheduling a mediation appointment.

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