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Court Information

Where is Juvenile Court held?
See State of Oregon Juvenile Court website link below for information on juvenile court hearings. 

How do I find out about my next court hearing?
Contact the Juvenile Community Justice business office, at (541) 388-6671. (See location information on this page.)  

What clothes should I wear to court?
The expectation for courtroom attire is to present yourself in a respectful and non-distracting manner. Avoid clothing that refers to drugs, alcohol or illegal behavior. The Court may exclude anyone from the courtroom wearing inappropriate clothing.  

How do I get an attorney?
An attorney may be hired or appointed by the Court. The Court appoints an attorney when a person cannot afford one. Attorneys are only appointed when a youth faces a charge that may lead to detention or placement in a youth correctional facility. A Juvenile Court Clerk will provide an application for a court appointed attorney when the youth makes their first appearance in court.

Court terms used in the juvenile justice system
Are you familiar with some terms frequent used in the juvenile courtroom? Here are a few definitions to help you understand the process. All youth referred to Court must attend the following hearings.

  • Arraignment:This is a youth's first appearance in Court, referred to as the preliminary hearing. Charges are read; youth is advised of their rights; attorney(s) is appointed.
  • Adjudication:A hearing is conducted in the same manner and with the same rules of evidence as adult cases; youth makes an admission or enters a denial to charges. If a youth decides to deny the charge(s), a trial date is set.
  • Disposition:A Court judge/referee determines a disposition (sentence) based on information provided by the district attorney, community justice officer, defense attorney and victim(s) statements. 

Which treatment providers does the department recommend?
Juvenile Community Justice does not recommend private treatment providers. Any licensed treatment provider (authorized to practice) is acceptable for Court-ordered treatment. 


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Juvenile Community Justice


Business Office:
Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.


Dennis Maloney Community Justice Center
63360 NW Britta Street, Building 1
Bend, OR 97701


This e-mail is intended for general information inquiries only. All case/youth specific questions should be directed to the officer working on the case or to the department number listed below.


(541) 388-6671


(541) 383-0165

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