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Understanding Your Property Taxes

If you own property in Deschutes County, you’re familiar with recent real estate market value “ups-and-downs” during the last few years.

Deschutes County Assessor, Scot Langton, wants to prepare you for an interesting combination of Measure 50 consequences, market fluctuation and economic circumstance coming this fall. When property tax statements are mailed in October, some Deschutes County homeowners may be a little surprised when they look at their tax bill.

Graph It!The County developed the resources on this webpage to help you understand how Oregon’s voter approved Measure 50 impacts your property. Spread the word, and feel free to forward a link to this page to your friends and family who own property in Deschutes County. It’s important for everyone to be informed.

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Base Appraisal Date
Properties are valued/appraised as of the January 1st directly preceding the fiscal tax year.

Real Market Value
RMV is an abbreviation for Real Market Value and is the amount in cash that could reasonably be expected to be paid by an informed buyer to an informed seller.

Assessed Value
The assessed value of a property shall be the lower of the property’s real market value or the property’s maximum assessed value.

Maximum Assessed Value
The maximum assessed value shall equal 103 percent of the property’s assessed value from the prior year or 100 percent of the property’s maximum assessed value from the prior year whichever is greater.

Oregon Ballot Measure 50
Measure 50, passed in 1997, cut taxes, introduced assessed value growth limits, and replaced most tax levies with permanent tax rates. It transformed the system from one primarily based on levies to one primarily based on rates.

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