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SkidCar Training

Deschutes County's SkidCar Training Program is an all-weather driver enhancement course. Our mission is accountability behind the wheel: "100 percent vehicle control, 100 percent of the time".

This all-weather driving course teaches students superior vehicle control skills for all types of road conditions. Students learn how to become proactive drivers; to think ahead during vehicle operation so they don't need to exercise their superior skills.

Course Highlights

  • Deschutes County Skid CarAccountability behind the wheel: "100 percent vehicle control, 100 percent of the time"
  • Complete vehicle inspection techniques prior to operation
  • Principles of what makes tires work properly
  • Proper eye placement
  • Proper vehicle weight transfer management
  • Proper acceleration, steering and braking techniques
  • Trail braking techniques
  • Skid and slide prevention
  • Front-end and rear-end skid and slide control techniques
  • Front-end and rear-end skid recovery techniques
  • Line of sight cornering techniques

Class Schedule

Deschutes County offers classes seven days a week, by appointment, with a maximum of three students per class. Permitted drivers (age 15 and up) are welcome. Each class offers one hour of classroom instruction followed by three hours of hands-on driving experience. Each graduate is provided with a Letter and Certificate of completion. Many insurance companies offer premium discounts for completing the course.

Class Hours: 8:00AM - Noon or 1:00PM to 5:00PM
Cost: $90.00 per person

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SkidCar Training


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